Black Agate Hexagon Earrings
Black Agate Hexagon Earrings

Black Agate Hexagon Earrings

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Feel uplifted and align with sacred geometry (the basis for all existance) with these double hexagon earrings.   

The gold plated wire holds two Hexagon Black Agate Stones and the earring measures 2 inches long and the larger hexagon is 1 inch across.

THE HEXAGON is found throughout nature, and  organized religions say it is a symbol of harmony and balance. ... It is found in many spiritual symbols such as the Star of David, The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah and the Hagal Rune composed by ancient tribes of northern Europe.  It has also been associated with  Love, Sincerity, Truth, Lovers, Harmony, Equality, Perfection, Integration, Conjoining, Reliability, Dependability, Communication.

BLACK AGATE brings spiritual awareness into action, balances earth and the sky. It stabilises and grounds while elevating awareness, helps to clear emotional pain. It is ideal for centring and focusing. Black Agate attracts good fortune

You will receive an item similar to the ones pictured in this listing  

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.  Imperfections are a natural part of each stone's beauty and are there for a reason.  Enjoy the unique design of each stone.

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