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Congo Citrine Flower #05

Congo Citrine Flower #05

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Natural, Raw Congo Citrine Flower, also known as Kundalini Citrine or Cathedral Citrine, is a unique and rare stone found only in the Congo.  

They range in natural color from pale honey to golden yellow, to a smoky brown.  

This Point is from Lwena, Congo, and measures 70 x 32 x 20mm 

CITRINE is a Very Powerful Manifestation stone for attracting not only wealth but abundance in all areas of our life, and quickly.   It works with our solar plexus to boost self-esteem, energy, joy & happiness. 


CONGO/KUNDALINI CITRINE is known to wake up our resting kundalini energy through our entire chakra system, from the earth star chakra to our crown chakra to our soul star chakra, activating the flow of Kundalini (Life Force) energy throughout or body and chakras.  It clears and opens all the chakras and is generally used for deep healing and awakening practices. 

Kundalini Energy is The Ultimate Life Force.  Creative power, divine feminine energy - some call it our "inner fire."   Make no mistake, you will know if you have tapped into it, so please start with a limited practice. 



Crystal Wear & Care

Crystal stones are hard but can also be delicate. It is best to treat your pieces with care.

Some stones are not water soluble and will deteriorate if exposed to moisture. It is recommended to not get your stones wet.

  • Do not wash them in water or solutions.
  • Do not swim, bathe or go to the sauna with your jewelry on.   
  • Be mindful when washing your hands and around other liquids, lotions and perfumes.

If your crystals get dusty, use a damp cloth on anything with a Moh's hardness of 5 and above. For those under 4.5, just use a soft, dry towel or blow some air into the crevices.

For energetic purposes, it is best not to sleep with your jewelry on. You can place it beside your bed.

Many stones are protective and will absorb negative energy, sometimes it’s yours. It is wise to occasionally “cleanse” your crystal. There are many ways to do this.

  • Put it in the sun (not direct sun, some gems fade).
  • Put it under the moonlight.
  • Bury it in the yard, no kidding – some people do this.
  • Place it on a selenite tray or bowl (see our selenite collection).
  • Put it aside for a day or longer.
  • Expose your jewelry to high vibrational music. That’s right, put it on a speaker… rock it out, feel the vibes. Or perhaps play some crystal singing bowls.

Some believe that the stones hold their own energy and do not need to be cleansed. Do what feels right to you. Just please do not wash them in water or solutions.

If your crystal jewelry has elastic string, please roll it on and off to prevent overstretching of the string. Too much pulling when putting your crystal jewelry  on or off will weaken the string.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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