Dark Labradorite with Druzy Agate Bracelet

Dark Labradorite with Druzy Agate Bracelet

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8mm Dark Labradorite Matte Beads with Gold Plated AB Quartz Druay Focal Bead

Labradorite is know as  a stone of transformation. Very useful during times of change imparting strength and perserverence.  Other benefits include: 

  • Balances the aura
  • Relieves depression
  • Raises conciousness
  • Grounds spiritual energies
  • Promotes psychic abilities

There can be other healing properties to every crystal depending on the user and the intention.

Please do not accept this information as medical advice. This is a complementary modality.

Do not shower, bathe or swim with this item.

Natural Variances in color, shape and size are unavoidable due to the nature of the stones