Picture Jasper Nugget Stretch Bracelet
Picture Jasper Nugget Stretch Bracelet

Picture Jasper Nugget Stretch Bracelet

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A chunky stretch bracelet measuring 7.5 inches 

Picture Jasper is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth.

  • Its grounding energy can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.
  • It is said to encourage creative visualization, creativity and business pursuits. 
  • It promotes feelings of responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a desire to care for and protect it; it is also said to help alleviate fear.
  • In physical healing Picture Jasper is believed to stimulate the immune system
  • To help clear pollutants and toxins from the body and to cleanse the kidneys.
  • It is believed to be useful when giving up smoking as it is said to strengthen the resolve.
  • Placing a piece of Picture Jasper in a room is said to absorb negative energy.

    You will receive a bracelet similar to the one pictured here. 

    Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.  Imperfections are a natural part of each stone's beauty

    Healing properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of a medical doctor