Shungite Shoulder Pad

Shungite Shoulder Pad

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Shungite shoulder pad

A fantastic neck & shoulder pillow with 12 channels of shungite-filled pockets with a water-resistant cover.  The pillow creates a snug fit around your neck, and with almost a pound and a half of shungite chips, it creates a nice, weighted feeling when worn.

The pillow is 13" at the widest point and the opening is 5" at the widest point.

Spot clean the pillow as needed.  Shungite is a dusty stone, so it's best to leave the cover on the pillow during use.   You will receive 1 pillow.

 Shungite has really miraculous characteristics and for that good reason scientists call it an “intelligent stone”. Shungite can cope with the most viable malignant viruses and bacteria, to decontaminate water it gets into; it can absorb electromagnetic waves; moreover, it emits beneficial positive energy. The mineral works as an intelligent creature: it selectively eliminates malignant microorganisms without affecting the beneficial ones. Shungite favors the general tonus enhancing and all biochemical processes activation on the cellular level in the area of exposure. The acutest pains usually disappear after the 15-minute effect of the Karelian mineral that owes its unique properties to an unusual structure including fullerenes – a specific carbon compound opening dramatic future perspectives for the contemporary medicine.

Shungite pad: the best disease treatment method!

         The pad when fixed on your shoulders:

Relieves the spinal, shoulder and neck pains quickly;

  • Relieves the spinal, shoulder and neck pains quickly;
  • Has a regenerating effect on the blood-vascular system and restores the muscular and joint functions;
  • Stops the inflammatory processes;
  • Favors the natural calcium deposits removal.

Using the shungite pad is indicated for the people of any age and sex that suffer the joint and muscle disorders. The following serious diseases can be the only counter-indications: acute heart failures, ischemaia, allergic reactions, tumors and some psychic disorder

As Shungite is also a great protecter, it is great to wear while working on the computer to avoid fatique and EMF Emissions. Other Uses, but not all by any means are noted below.

  • A stone for the Root Chakra
  • Very Grounding and Protecitve
  • Boost Energy & the Immune System
  • Balances Mind & Emotion
  • Protects the wearer from harmful EMF's
  • Detoxes & Purifies the body
  • Hitsorically Shungite has been used to heal the sick and purify water