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Silver Sheen Obsidian 82mm Sphere KS9

Silver Sheen Obsidian 82mm Sphere KS9

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Presenting the 82mm Silver Sheen Sphere, an exquisite masterpiece that exudes an air of sophistication and mystical allure. This remarkable sphere showcases a shimmering surface, expertly crafted to a smooth finish - a truly captivating gemstone with powerful metaphysical properties.

Each sphere is meticulously selected to ensure you receive the exact piece depicted here, guaranteeing its exceptional quality and beauty. This Silver Sheen Obsidian Sphere is a testament to the remarkable forces of nature, as it is formed when lava cools rapidly, resulting in a glass-like material with incredible strength and mesmerizing beauty.

What sets this sphere apart is the presence of small inclusions of water vapor bubbles trapped within the glass. These bubbles stretched almost flat in layers, create a striking metallic glow that reflects light in a captivating manner. Some of these bubbles are visible to the naked eye, while others require the aid of a microscope to appreciate fully.

The Silver Sheen Obsidian boasts a serene and cool energy that empowers us to face reality with courage and awareness, both within ourselves and in the world around us. It enables us to confront challenges head-on, making sound choices without succumbing to fear or denial. By embracing this sphere, you invite a sense of calmness and clarity into your life.

Furthermore, the Silver Sheen Obsidian serves as a powerful connector between the strength of the Earth and the wisdom of the heavens. It is a favored tool among shamanic practitioners and earth medicine healers, as it enhances their connection to the natural world and facilitates profound healing experiences. During spiritual journeys, this sphere acts as a protective guide, ensuring that the soul remains linked to the body, preventing disorientation and providing a sense of grounding.

In addition to its metaphysical properties, the Silver Sheen Obsidian is known for its ability to attract and capitalize on favorable opportunities. Leaders and business owners particularly revere it, as it acts as a potent talisman for success in professional endeavors. However, its influence extends beyond career aspirations, benefiting anyone who seeks to enhance their overall prosperity.

Experience the undeniable power and grace of the 82mm Silver Sheen Sphere. Let its calming energy and remarkable metaphysical qualities elevate your journey toward self-discovery, success, and spiritual connection. Embrace the wisdom of the heavens and the strength of the Earth as you embark on a transformative experience with this extraordinary sphere by your side.

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Obsidian Properties

Silver Sheen Obsidian is a unique variety of obsidian, which is a type of volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooled lava. What sets Silver Sheen Obsidian apart is its distinctive silver sheen, a metallic-like glow that reflects light. This sheen is caused by small inclusions of water vapor bubbles trapped within the glass. These bubbles are stretched nearly flat in layers, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Silver Sheen Obsidian is a captivating gemstone with powerful metaphysical properties. It establishes a strong spiritual connection, aiding in communication with higher beings and facilitating profound spiritual journeys. It provides protection against negative energies and promotes grounding during emotional challenges.

This gemstone encourages self-reflection and personal growth, uncovering hidden truths and fostering self-awareness. It enhances intuition, clarity, and psychic abilities, allowing for wise decision-making and navigating life's challenges with heightened awareness.

Silver Sheen Obsidian attracts success and opportunities, particularly in professional endeavors, empowering individuals to manifest their goals. It also supports emotional and spiritual healing, releasing negativity and promoting renewal and purification of the mind, body, and spirit.

Remember to cleanse and charge Silver Sheen Obsidian regularly to maintain its energetic properties. It's important to note that metaphysical properties are based on beliefs and experiences and should not replace professional advice. Trust your intuition and seek guidance when needed.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael M
Excellent sphere; as shown; fast and safe...

Excellent sphere; as shown; fast and safe delivery.

Christy M
I have wanted silver sheen obsidian for a...

I have wanted silver sheen obsidian for a very long time but just couldnt find the “one”. This would be “the one”. I am speechless - i just cant come up with the right words to describe this piece. I have only been blown away once before with the purchase of a dendrite agate. This tops that one by a mile,. I love it when you can feel the power ! My hands are vibrating - thank you sooooo much !