Silver Sheen Obsidian Bracelet
Silver Sheen Obsidian Bracelet
Silver Sheen Obsidian Bracelet

Silver Sheen Obsidian Bracelet

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8mm Silver Sheen Obsidian Stretch Bracelet 

SILVER SHEEN OBSIDIAN helps to clear and purify one’s energy fields of negativity working especialy on the third eye chakra allowing one to “see” one’s inner self, a reflection of one’s higher-self, one’s Soul.


Fun Fact:  Obsidian is actually a glass formed when Lava cools off quickly, yet still it has very strong metaphysical properties. 

Silver Sheen Obsidian is created by small inclusions of waver vapor bubbles trapped in the glass.  These bubbles have been stretched nearly flat in a series of layers, which reflect back light with a metallic glow.  Sometimes the bubbles can be seen with the naked eye, but others are small enough to require a microscope.   

Listing is for one bracelet - similar to those shown here.

These bracelets are 7 inches around.


**please ask for specifications or more photos prior to purchasing - we are happy to help you choose the right piece for you.

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.  Imperfections are a natural part of each stone's beauty 

Healing properties are for informational purposes, collected from historical references and  do not replace medical advice.  Crystal healing is a complementary modality and not everyone achieves the same results.