Large Specular Hematite
Large Specular Hematite
Large Specular Hematite
Large Specular Hematite

Large Specular Hematite

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A large, stunning, and sparkling Piece of Specular Hematite (Specularite) which measures 7x.0.5x6.5 inches and weights over 2lbs.

This stone a higher vibration than regular Hematite & brings grounding & high energy simultaneously. It helps you identify your unique special talents & where you can put them to their best use.

Other metaphysical properties of Specular Hematite include:

    • grounds high level spiritual energies to the reality of everyday life
    • extremely protective
    • helps you to manifest your highest dreams & aspirations
    • an excellent stone to counter the ill effects of electromagnetic pollution
    • dissolves negativity in all forms & transmutes it to a loving energy
    • balances the meridians & Yin Yang energies
    • helps mental functioning, memory & development
    • calms your mind & instills deep inner peace
    • boosts your confidence & sense of self-worth
    • excellent for meditation
    • helps past life recall
    • connects you with your soul energy & that of the angelic realms


  • Specular Hematite also has the metaphysical properties that are inherent to any form of Hematite.

  • You will receive the specimen shown here.