Holiday Survival Guide

Celebrate This Holiday Season with Joy and Happiness, Bring The Good Vibes with you, wherever you go!

The holidays are mostly a happy and fun time spent connecting with friends and families.  We also know that sometimes we, and others are not always on our best behavior, something about family triggers - 

To help you get the most enjoyment out of your Holiday Celebrations this year, we have put together  A Holiday Survival Guide to help you connect with your higher self and soothe the energy in any room. 


Family Communication can sometimes bring us back to feeling like the little child and brothers, sisters and cousins know just how to push all our buttons. 

To keep calm and communicate effectively and fairly we suggest the following stones - you can even bring a gift to the home to spread the good vibes. 

1 -  SODALITE is a powerful communication stone that supports calm, honest, respectful communication while staying aware of our personal truth.

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2 - BLUE CALCITE, and CARIBBEAN CALCITE, is a soothing and tranquil stone that also fosters calm communication. Calcite has a lot of the amplification and clearing properties as Clear Quartz

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3 - AMAZONITE is a stone of communication that can clear energy blockages in the Throat Chakra.  It connects the heart and throat chakras which help express our thoughts gently and truthfully.  It is also a stone of luck and good fortune, that can't hurt the situation.

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Bring Love and Light into any situation with Crystals for Purification and High Vibrations

1 - SELENITE is the most powerful stone for removing negativity.  It also brings in Higher Consciousness and aids spiritual development, promoting peace and good vibes.

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2 - ROSE QUARTZ is known as the Universal Stone of Love.  Love is the highest vibration there is, so surrounding yourself and your space with positive love vibes will help ease all the competing energies in a room and foster love and acceptance. 

As a member of the Quartz family, it can also transmute, clear, and transform negative energy into positive. 

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3 -  AMETHYST is known as the stone of Tranquility and is the perfect stone to bring calm and clarity to a family gathering.   It promotes emotional stability and eases tensions. It can help the observant identify repetitive tones and themes to avoid.

As it too is a member of the Quartz family, it can transmute, clear, and transform negative energy into positive. 

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Set the energetic vibe to celebrate this year with Joy and Happiness with these stones. 

1 - CHERRY QUARTZ is one of our all-time favorite stones.  It brings joy and happiness, genuine feelings of love, serenity & calm.  It will release fear, jealousy, anger & tension - healing emotional wounds.  And it will help re-tune spiritual & physical energies as it restores balance to keep you grounded and centered. 

As a member of the Quartz family, it too can transmute, clear, and transform negative energy into positive. 

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2 - CITRINE has a bright, uplifting energy that amplifies joy & happiness. It has a cheerful, playful energy that sparks creativity. As a quartz stone (as Cherry Quartz), it transmutes, clears, and transforms negative energy into positive.  It is also a stone of abundance helping you manifest a positive experience.

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3 - CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE, a lesser-known stone, should not be overlooked. It is a manifestation stone and is helpful with achievement.  It has the energy to inspire and enliven. It is said to help lift depression and increase friendliness, happiness, and joy. Considered by the Chinese to be a stone of wealth and honor, it makes a perfect addition to family gatherings.

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