Behind the Brand: Mindy's Path to Crystal Happenings

Mindy, Founder of Crystal Happenings

Meet Mindy—

My love for nature began in the lush landscapes of Long Island, where my childhood was a tapestry of outdoor adventures that served as both the sanctuary and a source of reflection. From climbing enormous weeping willow trees to walking along the sandy beaches, I often found peace and grounding, without even realizing I was connecting so deeply with the earth's elements.

Inspired by my grandfather, who took me on quests to uncover hidden Indian arrows and split open rocks to reveal their sparkly majesty, I developed a profound appreciation for the natural world. These magical experiences sparked a lifelong passion for the beauty and profound healing powers of nature. This personal connection to nature and crystals is what drives me to share their beauty and healing powers with you through Crystal Happenings.

Over the past 25 years, my journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment has only deepened, enriched by extensive study and practice across a spectrum of healing modalities such as Reiki, crystal healing, and sound healing. This journey of discovery and transformation is the heart and soul of Crystal Happenings.

Crystal Happenings was born from this passion, a divine calling to uplift and transform lives. My heart is deeply rooted in joy—embracing and celebrating the extraordinary in everyone and every day—by unapologetically loving and expressing our true selves.  At Crystal Happenings, we infuse this spirit into everything we do.  We are passionately committed to nurturing the soul, uplifting the heart, inspiring the mind, and encouraging resilience with our hand-selected, mindfully sourced crystals and fashionably expressive jewelry. We create an environment that showcases our crystals' mesmerizing beauty and profound benefits, empowering you to shine boldly and brightly on your journey.

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