Wear & Care Instructions

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Crystal Happenings Jewelry:

✨ Keeping your Crystal Happenings jewelry looking its absolute best is as simple as a walk in the park. Whether you're rocking gold-plated earrings, sterling silver charms, or
crystals strung on elastic, I've got some straightforward care tips to keep your gems glistening. So, grab your cleaning cloths, and let's review some wisdom for crystal jewelry care!

Understanding Your Materials

First, it's crucial to understand what you're working with because not all jewelry is created equal, especially when it comes to cleaning. This knowledge will empower you, giving you the confidence to take the best care of your precious pieces:


Knowing your crystal's Mohs Hardness rating is vital. For crystals with a hardness over 5, feel free to clean them gently with a slightly damp cloth and dry them immediately. For those softer than 5, stick to a dry clean-only policy to avoid scratching or degrading the delicate beauties.


Gold-filled and Gold-plated: These should avoid the spa treatment. Keep them dry
and free from harsh chemicals to prevent the gold from tarnishing or wearing off.

Sterling Silver: This beauty loves to tarnish when it parties too hard with oxygen, so a gentle polish with a silver-friendly cleaning cloth will keep it shining.

Stainless Steel: This beauty is tough and tenacious, just like you. Stainless steel can handle a bit more fuss and is less prone to tarnishing. A brief wipe with a damp cloth and a dry finish will do the trick; there is no need to worry about it.



Elastic String: Handle carefully and avoid overstretching the elastic while putting it on and cleaning these peices. The best way to put your elastic stretch bracelet on is by rolling it over your hand with your fingers close together. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe down the crystals. We use very sturdy stretch elastic, and with proper care and storage, they will last many, many years—Mindy's favorite daily wear stretch bracelet is over five years old. 

Jewelry String and Wire: These are a bit sturdier but still deserve a gentle hand. Avoid submerging them in water, especially stringed and knotted pieces, as water can weaken the material. A quick wipe with a slightly damp cloth can clean the wire parts, followed by immediate drying.



Water Woes: Not all crystal jewelry can take a dip. If your jewelry has any metal or softer crystals (Mohs under 5), keep it away from the water. 

Temperature Tantrums: Like ice cream, your crystals don't like extreme temperatures. To prevent damage and expansion, wash appropriate stones with tepid water and keep them away from hot blow dryers or extremely cold environments (no ice baths with jewelry).  

Sleeping Beauty: Don't sleep in your jewelry. It's a tangled web we weave when necklaces and bracelets are left to wrestle with us in bed. 

Deep Cleaning:  While ultrasonic cleaners can feel like a magic solution for deep cleaning, not all that vibrates is good for your jewelry! Reserve these powerful cleaners for hardy metals and tougher stones that can handle the buzz.

Avoid Chemicals: Generally, it is best to keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals, including household cleaners. Knowing your stone and metal will help you decide if it can take a quick bath in a gentle cleanser like diluted dish soap or if it should be hand-wiped.



Moisture is a No-Go: Crystals like Selenite and Fluorite can't handle water. It's best to keep them dry to prevent deterioration. Remember, do not shower, bathe, or sauna with your jewelry on, as moisture can weaken settings and dull their sparkle again.

Exercise is a No-no: Please do not exercise wearing your jewelry. Sweat is water, and it will accelerate the wear of your jewelry and possibly compromise your crystal stones. 

Forgo Beach Outings: Exposure to salt water and the sun will also accelerate the wear of your jewelry. Saltwater is not suitable for many stones and can damage the metals, strings, and elastics we use. Additionally, here in South Florida, the temperatures can get really high. 

Avoid Chemicals: We're not just talking about cleansers here—it is important to avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, makeup, hairspray, and other personal care treatments. It is recommended that you apply these items first and allow ample time to dry before adorning your sparkly gems. Be mindful also of washing your hands with soaps and electric hand dryers. They, too, can dampen the sparkle you carry. So, sparkle smart, not hard, and keep those beautiful pieces shining bright!

Avoid Impact: Crystals have feelings, too—well, sort of! They can chip or crack if knocked around. So, maybe leave them at home during your rock climbing adventures or other high-impact activities.

Storage Smarts: Store your jewelry pieces separately in soft pouches or a lined jewelry box to prevent them from scratching each other. Keeping them out of direct sunlight also prevents fading.

Regular Inspection: Make it a monthly date to inspect
your jewelry for any signs of wear or loose stones. Just like catching up with an old friend, giving your jewelry regular attention can prevent small issues from becoming big heartaches. Tighten loose settings, clean off accumulated debris, and ensure everything is as perfect as your first encounter. Regular love and care keep the spark alive and ensure your pieces are always ready to dazzle at a moment's notice.

With these tips, you hold the key to
keeping your Crystal Happenings jewelry sparkling and shining. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the beauty and vitality of your treasured pieces. If in doubt, reach out—we're always here to help keep your sparkle alive and kicking!