Crystal Happenings

Utilizing the healing properties

of crystals to raise our vibration!

Fun, fashionable, intentional jewelry, individual crystals & other healing tools

Align your energy while looking fabulous!!

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  • Rainbow Selenite - 5 inch Raw Sticks
    Rainbow Selenite - 5 inch Raw Sticks
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  • Titanium Quartz Point Metal Headband
    Titanium Quartz Point Metal Headband
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  • Pink Amethyst Heart Cluster with Stand -D
    Pink Amethyst Heart Cluster with Stand -D
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  • Aura Quartz Point Metal Headband
    Aura Quartz Point Metal Headband
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Energy Healing

We are a Crystal Healing Business.

You will find healing tools, stones and jewelry intuitively

chosen to balance and raise your vibration.

Our Intentional Jewelry line is made with natural healing crystals

to help manifest your intentions as well as heal and protect the wearer. 

The jewelry is your reminder to hold the intention,

The crystals align your energy and RAISE YOUR VIBES.

We also offer Crystal Reiki Sessions in person and by distance. 

A Message From Crystal Happenings

Thank you for visiting our shop.

We hope you find the healing pieces you want. 

Keep in mind that we can customize something just for you. 

All of our materials are high quality from reputable sources. 

Variances in the stones and beads are unavoidable as each crystal is a unique part of Mother Nature's beauty.

Enjoy and wear them with many blessings. 


Mindy & the staff at Crystal Happenings.

Sharing our passion for Crystal Healing and Creating Fun, Fashionable Healing Jewelry.                              

Wear Jewelry with Intention -  to support you in all that you do and hope to achieve. 

While Crystal Healing has been around for ages and there are records of profound healings and metaphysical experiences, please do not replace medical advice with this information. 

This is a complementary healing modality meant to be used along with your doctor's directions.



<== Rave Reviews ==>

Mindy brings a unique energy to the crystal healing session. She is highly intuitive, loving and knowledgeable about the crystals. I felt relaxed and in very good hands. She also makes amazing jewelry that you can infuse with special intentions. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking chakra balancing or other healing.

Cathi M

5 out of 5 stars    

Love this bracelet. I’m wearing now. The multicolored stones make it special. Beautiful 
workmanship. And the design is unlike anything else that I’ve seen. Very pleased with this bracelet

Natural Stone Leather Chakra Bracelet 


I never had a crystal healing session before and Mindy completely blew my mind. She was so intuitive and knowledgable about crystals and their functions. It was a learning and healing experience all in one. The guided meditation was very powerful and at one point I felt my whole body vibrating on the inside. I definitely recommend this for anyone who has ever thought about giving it a try!

Valeria G

5 out of 5 stars    

We love our bracelets, exactly what we were looking for!

Bring some Joy, Black Onyx Bracelets

Cristy D

I had the pleasure of experiencing a Crystal Healing session with Mindy about 2 weeks ago. I would highly recommend Crystal Happenings. Mindy is knowledgable, supportive, attentive, and highly skilled in her craft. She created a relaxing environment where I was able to let go and be in the moment. I learned a lot and I have felt relaxed and grounded since.

Brooke K

Stressed, out of balance and just not feeling great; I experienced my second crystal healing with Mindy and the minute she  started  serenity started to return.  The crystals, beautiful aromatherapy oils and calm she brings is an hour to treat yourself. 

A lovely experience. 

She did a little healing on my tiny dog and she seemed very relaxed afterward.  Can't wait for my next session. I felt wonderful the next day.  Clearer thinking and balanced.

Don't miss a chance to meet Mindy..shes magic.

Renee W

5 out of 5 stars    

Just received my order-so cute! Fast shipping and great quality bracelets. Will be ordering again. Thank you.

Peyton B

Come Back Soon.

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