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Deluxe Set of Crystals for Peace & Tranquility

Deluxe Set of Crystals for Peace & Tranquility

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The Peace and Tranquility Crystal Collection is your gateway to a more serene state of being. Whether used in meditation, placed around your home, or carried as personal talismans, these crystals work together to create a haven of tranquility in your everyday life. Let this collection guide you to a more relaxed, harmonious state of mind.

This set includes: 

Lepidolite Soap Stone: The Stress Dissolver
Lepidolite, known for its calming properties, is a gentle reminder to release stress and easily embrace life’s transitions. Its soft energy is perfect for carrying with you, offering tranquility wherever you go.

Blue Aragonite Tumble: The Emotional Soother
With its soothing blue tones, Blue Aragonite acts as a balm for the soul, easing emotional stress and enhancing empathy. It's your companion for peaceful communication and understanding.

Small Selenite Bowl: The Crystal Cleanser
This elegant Selenite bowl is more than a mere container; it’s a source of cleansing energy, purifying your collection and space with its serene vibrations, ensuring peace surrounds you.

Rose Quartz 25mm Heart: The Love Harmonizer
Embrace the gentle energy of love with this Rose Quartz heart, which promotes emotional healing, self-compassion, and a peaceful, loving aura in your surroundings.

Amethyst Tumble: The Tranquility Stone
Amethyst, a natural tranquilizer, soothes the mind, eases anxiety, and promotes a sense of peace and protection, making it a cornerstone of your journey toward serenity.

Our set arrives in a tan linen drawstring bag to easily take these soothing energies wherever you go. Additionally, each set includes descriptions of each stone and how it can help ground and protect you. 


Features & Benefits

• Lepidolite Pocket Stone: Portable and ideal for stress relief, helping to ease transitions and soothe the mind.
• Blue Aragonite Tumble: A calming stone that enhances empathy and facilitates peaceful communication.
• Small Selenite Bowl: Acts as a cleanser and recharger for crystals, maintaining a serene atmosphere.
• Rose Quartz 25mm Heart: Symbolizes love and peace, fostering emotional healing and self-compassion.
• Amethyst Tumble: Known for its calming properties, it helps reduce anxiety and instill a sense of tranquility.

• Enhanced Emotional Balance: The collection aids in reducing stress and promoting emotional well-being.
• Improved Communication: Blue Aragonite's properties help in understanding and empathizing with others, facilitating smoother interactions.
• Energetic Maintenance: The Selenite bowl keeps the crystals, and by extension your environment, energetically clean and peaceful.
• Promotes Love and Harmony: Rose Quartz encourages a nurturing, loving energy towards oneself and others.
• Mental Peace and Clarity: Amethyst's soothing energy helps clear the mind, easing anxiety and fostering a sense of peace.
• Versatility and Convenience: Ideal for personal use, meditation, or as an aesthetic and harmonious addition to any space.
• On-the-Go Stress Relief: The portable nature of the pocket stone offers tranquility wherever you are.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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