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Crystal Point Tiara Crowns

Crystal Point Tiara Crowns

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Stepping into the limelight of life's most precious moments, our High-Vibing Festival Fun, Celebration Quartz Crystal Point Tiaras are the ultimate accessory for celebration times. On birthdays, New Year's Eve, or an exhilarating girls' night out, each occasion gets a sprinkle of magic when you don this radiant tiara. Can you imagine the brilliance of quartz shimmering as you make that birthday wish, or while counting down to the New Year under the starlit sky? It's pure enchantment.

But this tiara's allure isn't limited to grand events. It's just as splendid for shared rituals, intimate gatherings, and moments when two or more come together in the spirit of joy and unity. The powerful healing properties of quartz, promoting clarity and amplifying energy, become a shared experience, making these occasions even more memorable.

Each time you wear it, you're making more than just a style statement; you're aligning with a universe that loves to celebrate, a universe that vibrates with joy, love, and festivity. It's a symphony of elegance and energy, designed for modern-day goddesses who love to embrace their regal essence in every moment of life. So, as you gear up for your next special occasion or a fun ritual with friends, remember to let your spirit shine brilliantly with our Celebration Quartz Tiara. It's not just about looking spectacular; it's about feeling spectacularly you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Comfortable and beautiful

I purchased one of these beautiful crowns at a holistic event over the weekend.
I cant get over how eye catching and COMFORTABLE these crowns are. I usually get headaches or discomfort from wearing regular head bands and these crowns are not only eye catching but wonderful to wear. I wore the crown for 7hours straight while I was giving people at the event chair massages. The crown stayed in place caught customers attention. 10/10 I loved the crown so much I bought one for my sisters maturity shoot.
Maturity shoot pictures coming soon!!!

Ester E2B Coaching

This tiara is magnificent!! Wearing it makes me feel royal and full of blessings.
Overall such beautiful products and amazing vibes 🫶🏼

Goddess vibes

Found this cute shop at the coco market - Got the smokey grey princess tiara and I’m obsessed!!! So cute you can literally wear it anywhere, I get so many compliments every time. I love how good and comfy it fits on the head too - Absolutely love it!

Manuel Gierrero
Love my crown!!

I originally bought a rainbow crown, and my daughter loved it and stole it lol so I had to buy a second one !!! I love it and wear it to all the shows I do ! The owner is amazing as well and will definitely be buying again in the future!

Dolly Marketakis
Love love my crystal tiara…I have 3 of them!

Love love my crystal tiara! I have 3 of them…black, white and pink. I wear it a lot and love wearing it. I get so many complements. I even wore it when I went mini golfing with the family 😊. You don’t realize how great they are until you actually try it on. Plus they make fantastic gifts.