11/11 Portal

Do you see 11:11, 1111, or other repetitive numbers randomly and frequently?

Most agree that this is a sign that your angels or other spiritual guides are trying to get your attention.   Those numbers like 1212, 2222 and others are called Angel Numbers and have reportedly been linked to good events.

Numbers, like everything in the multi-verse, have an energetic vibration.  1111 is a very high vibrational number and is most often associated with a Spiritual Awakening. 

People, including yours truly, have reported seeing these numbers repetitively during times of spiritual growth.  It is considered a calling, a wake-up call that you are connected to the higher realms and are being called to action (Light Workers). 

In Numerology 11 is the First Master Number, which refers to Illumination, a connection to a higher source.   It is also representative of Change and New Beginnings

November 11th (11/11) is a very powerful day energetically speaking, especially this year (2022) as it coincides with The Full Lunar Eclipse.   It is referred to as The 11/11 Portal, which signifies an energetic shift where we can access and connect with Higher Energies.   

It is an important time of Awakening in our current world and a very important time personally for raising our vibration to effect a change in the collective conciousness.  As we awaken from our frightened, limited selves and connect with the higher energetic vibrations, we spread our “high vibes” (good vibes, peace, love and light) to those around us, and to those around them.  

GOOD VIBES are contagious!!!  Visit our 11/11 Sale and prepare for a deeper connection to good.

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