10 Essential Techniques to Energetically Cleanse and Revitalize Your Crystals

Like us, our cherished crystals occasionally need some self-care to shine their brightest after a bustling day.  It's true! These vibrant gems are pros at sapping up the negative vibes around us, but bless their hearts; they can get a bit overwhelmed. So, why not give them a refreshing cleanse to reboot their healing superpowers and bring a renewed sense of energy into your space?


Why Crystal Cleansing Matters

Crystals aren't just pretty decorations; they're powerhouse tools for healing and meditation. They are a bit like sponges in a dirty sink, soaking up whatever's around them. Negative emotions, electromagnetic fuzz from our tech gadgets, and even leftover vibes from other people can linger. Regular cleansing helps them shake off that unwanted baggage and restore their vibrant energies.


Understanding Crystal Energies

It's all about the vibes! Crystals can absorb a mix of energies, which block their ability to emit their healing vibrations—imagine a detox spa day, but for your gemstones.  


The Mohs Hardness Scale: Know Your Crystals

I'm sure you've heard that we can't just scrub all our crystals in water, especially if you own any selenite. Thank Friedrich Mohs, who came up with a handy Mohs Hardness Scale that measures how scratch-resistant minerals are. This scale helps us understand which crystals can handle a sink dip and which prefer staying dry. For example:

- Diamonds, sitting pretty at a 10, are tough cookies.

- Quartz, at a 7, can handle a quick water rinse.

- Gypsum, a soft 2, would rather skip the water and stick to a gentle dusting.


When to Cleanse Your Crystals

Think of cleansing your crystals like checking in for a regular tune-up. If you're using them frequently or they're stationed in busy spots, aim for a cleansing session at least once a month. They'll appreciate the refresh, and you'll notice they keep their energetic A-game strong, which means they will continue to emit their powerful healing and energizing properties.


10 Ways to Energetically Cleanse (not clean) Your Crystals

1 - Water: The classic. If your crystal ranks higher on the Mohs scale, let it take a gentle water bath. Just be cautious of the temperature, and always pat it dry afterward. Too hot or too cold can compromise the integrity of the stone. Also, this method is better suited for polished stones rather than their Raw counterparts. Remember, no salt water—it's the arch-nemesis for many of our crystalline friends

2 - Sunlight: Sunlight can recharge your gems, but it's like putting them in the tanning bed—too much isn't great as certain crystals can fade, or the heat would be too much. A brief morning or late afternoon sun session is perfect.

3 - Moonlight: Soft, serene moonlight is perfect for all crystals. It's like a soothing night retreat that recharges their energies without the harsh sunlight. The most effective time to bathe your crystal beauties in the moon's glow is during the full moon. Be sure to leave them in a dry space where morning dew will not affect them. 

4 - Starlight: For cosmic adventurers like Moonstone or Meteorite, a night under the stars aligns them with the universe's energy. It's a celestial spa night! These crystals, known for their unique properties and abilities to connect with cosmic energies, benefit greatly from this cleansing method. Like moon baths, please leave them in a dry space where dew will not affect them. 

5 - Sound Vibration: Tuning forks, singing bowls, or even a soothing playlist can cleanse through vibrations. It's like giving your crystals a sound bath that washes away the energetic grime (which refers to the accumulated negative or stagnant energy that crystals can absorb over time). Some of my crystals like to rock out to some heavy base Classic 80's Rock with me. Please do not put them directly on the speaker as they will sometimes bounce off (lesson learned the hard way)

6 - Smoke Cleansing: Smoke can purify crystals. Sage, palo santo, or incense can be used. This ancient method feels like a mystical ritual, enveloping them in cleansing scents. However, be sure you use a deep fire-safe dish for your ashes and be aware that embers can fly around if we move too quickly (another lesson learned, this time at the expense of my favorite quilt).

7 - Use Other Crystals: Some crystals, like Selenite and Clear Quartz, are like the good Samaritans of the crystal world—they can help cleanse their fellow stones just by being nearby. That is why our Large Selenite Bowl and our Large Selenite Jar continue to stay at the top of our Best-Seller List year after year.

8 - Earth Grounding: Burying your crystals in the soil lets them reconnect with Earth's energy, grounding them deeply. This process is like a homecoming for your crystals, allowing them to release accumulated energies and recharge naturally. It's a bit like how we feel refreshed after a walk in nature. This method is particularly beneficial for crystals that have been used for intense healing or meditation sessions. Pick a dry time when the soil isn't too wet and be sure your stone has a Mohs Hardness of 5 or higher. Please don't leave them out there too long and mark your spot so you don't lose your crystal babies. 

9 - Visualization: This method involves imagining a radiant light enveloping the crystal, clearing away negative or stagnant energy. It's powerful and personal, connecting you deeply with your crystal. You can also use this method to infuse your crystal with healing energy through your crown chakra. This method is particularly effective for smaller or delicate crystals that may not be suitable for other cleansing methods. 

10 - Breath Cleansing: Sometimes, a little puff of your intentional breath can revitalize your crystals. It's simple and quick and infuses them with your energy. Keep your intentions clear and your energy loving and relaxed as you breathe in the (insert your color) healing light and breathe out to the crystal its healing energy.


Mindy's Experience:

I've found that regular cleansing not only boosts the effectiveness of my crystals but also deepens my meditative practices. Sometimes, I just let them rest alone, letting them "sleep off" the heavy vibes. Other times, a quick pass-through sage smoke or a companionable sit with my Selenite Jar gets them back in tip-top shape. For me, it's all about keeping it simple and enjoyable.


Wrapping It Up: Crystal Care Is Self-Care

Cleansing your crystals is more than just maintenance; it's a ritual that enhances your personal connection with these earthy treasures. If you are a beginner, there is no need to stress; Crystal Energy is Resilient. Just leaving them alone for a day or two can do the trick. Try different methods, see what feels right, and remember that each crystal has its own needs. Tune in, care for them, and watch as they return the favor with their luminous energy. Here's to sparkling crystals and even brighter spirits! ✨

Need more tips on keeping your crystals in peak condition? [Check out more Energetic tools here] () and keep your gem game strong!



INTENTIONS:  Set a positive intention while cleansing your crystals. Visualize the negative energy being released and your crystals being recharged.

FREQUENCY:  Cleanse your crystals regularly, especially after using them for healing or meditation.

STORAGE:  Store your crystals in a safe, dry place away from direct sunlight. Protect them with pouches or boxes.

PROGRAMMING After cleansing, you can program your crystals by holding them and focusing on what you want them to help you with.


Ultimately, the best cleansing method is the one that resonates with you. Experiment with different techniques, find what feels right, and enjoy the ritual. Set your intentions, and let your crystals shine! ✨



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