Spring Cleansing

Welcome to spring! As the season of renewal and growth, Spring brings an abundance of vibrant energy.  The increased sunlight and longer days help us shed the darkness of winter and is an opportune time for cultivating new ideas, putting thoughts into action, and bringing dreams to fruition. A great way to tap into this energy is to work with the powerful healing properties of crystals. Spring Crystal Energy can help you recharge, bring clarity and focus, and open us up to a new level of abundance and manifestation.

First, as we embrace "Spring Cleaning," It is essential to let go of the old and make room for the new.   Clearing clutter, items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy, and donating to a good cause will further support clarity of thought and open up the flow of energy in you and within your environment.

Next, it is essential to cleanse your home, office, and car energetically.  We utilize Sage and Palo Santo in an energetic ceremony called smudging, where we usher out the unsupportive energy creating space for higher vibrations.  Please keep your doors and windows open and push the stagnant energy away.

To further our spring cleaning, we recommend using natural cleaning products to purify your space and free it from harsh chemicals. 

Ready to give your energy a jumpstart this spring? Many crystals can lend their support and aid in the process of regeneration. Here are seven of our favorite crystals to help you feel revitalized and refreshed as we enter the season of Spring. Each crystal brings unique properties, from cleansing negative energy to raising vibrations and sparking creativity. So utilize the magic of these seven stones for the best energetic start this spring!

1 - Selenite is the ultimate tool for spring cleaning. This crystalline beauty carries healing properties of cleansing, high vibes, and inner clarity. From bedrooms to boardrooms, this lovely crystal will draw out stagnant energy from any area. Place it around your home or office to cleanse a space of old energy and make room for new manifesting opportunities. Allow the selenite's endless glow to fill your sacred space and bring a feeling of lightness! 

Our Spring Favorite is our highly polished Selenite Crystal Bunnies.

These adorable bunnies radiate an ethereal glow that uplifts any space. Perfect for Spring decor or as a thoughtful gift, these bunnies keep negativity at bay while spreading joy and positivity.


2 - Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for soul healing and protection. It can provide a spiritual shield against negative energies and be a grounding force that allows you to stay safely connected with the Earth during your spring cleanse. In addition, this stone has strong protective properties that will support releasing of old patterns and deeply nourish the body, mind, and soul.

3 - Clear Quartz is a beautiful crystal for invoking the fresh energy of spring and renewal. Known for its purifying properties, it can help clear any negative energies, allowing you to create harmony and balance. Its potent vibrations attract high vibrational energies that resonate with joy, gratitude, truth, and optimism. Place it around your home or office to create an atmosphere charged with positive energy, which can help draw supportive relationships and exciting opportunities closer. Clear Quartz will also help increase the clarity of thought while enhancing intuition to assist with making empowered decisions.

4 - Flower Agate is a beautiful, nurturing crystal supporting your inner growth this spring. This crystal resonates deeply with this season's energies and helps promote creative vision and spiritual development. Utilizing its energy can aid in transmuting complex emotions, manifesting new ideas, embracing-positive boundaries, and amplifying feelings of love and self-trust. Flower Agate can help heal wounds from the past and open your heart to receive new love. Work with this stone for more profound clarity on your path toward personal evolution, and experience joy as you blossom into your true self!

5 - This Spring, try working with Serpentine to awaken and balance your life force energy. Its transformative energy amplifies vibrations and connects higher consciousness to everyday life. Serpentine encourages clarity and motivation to manifest your goals and will assist you in freeing any blocks within your chakras. In releasing stagnant energy, Serpentine will give you a newfound vibrancy as it helps you reconnect with the new life that is blooming around you- make way for an energized, renewed version of yourself!

6 - Chrysocolla is a stone of inner peace, helping to provide emotional balance and stability. It carries a natural source of serenity and tranquility, is excellent for meditative experiences, and aids decision-making. Chrysocolla encourages wisdom and courage, giving you the strength to repurpose your life or adapt to situations that might otherwise discourage or depress you. If you’re feeling anxious but still want to experience growth during this time, chrysocolla is the perfect crystal for calming your mind and facilitating a sense of understanding and appreciation for yourself.

7 - Carnelian , for renewal, is an energizing crystal that helps boost your motivation levels and enhances creativity and personal power.  Carnelian helps to dissolve the emotional blocks that keep you from achieving your full potential. Its soothing energy resonates with a strong presence that can help kick-start any personal transition. Carnelian also helps to build your self-esteem and gives you courage when it comes to believing in yourself.

Working with crystals and harnessing the energy of spring with crystal jewelry is a profoundly personal journey. Pay attention to which stones are calling you, and let their vibration fill your heart. Set an intention and let the crystal work its magic as you open yourself up to the healing, cleansing, and manifesting energy of spring. Plant these seeds of intention in your life now so you can reap their benefits!


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