Gratitude, A Daily Practice

Thanks-giving is a beautiful time of the year, the beginning of holiday celebrations for many and good times spent reminiscing with family and friends,

But Thanks-giving isn’t the only time you can express this kind of gratitude — being thankful year-round is one of the best things you can do for your health & happiness. 

Gratitude can be a daily “spiritual practice,” a mindful meditation where we are aware of something good in our lives, even just one thing - and there is always something we can be grateful for. 

Our subconscious mind is trained to find more of what we seek – so when we practice gratitude daily, we start noticing more of the good in our lives, others, and the world.  When we focus on the good, we are raising our vibration! 

By practicing gratitude each day, you will start to notice that you are happier, perhaps more peaceful, more helpful to others, more loving, accepting, patient, and kind, and that others are reciprocating this back to you…  it’s the ripple effect! 

Abraham Lincoln had it right when he said his religion was simple, “When I Do Good, I Feel Good…” and this world could use more good!  So, look for the good and share it with someone.   

We wish you all a very happy Thanks-giving and invite you to shop our crystals that inspire gratitude.

We'd love it if you'd drop a comment and tell us what you are most grateful for right now in this moment!

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