It's All About Joy!

Hello, Sparkling Souls,

Ever wonder who's behind the curtain of all this crystal magic? Let's pull it back and shine a spotlight on Mindy, the effervescent spirit and founder of Crystal Happenings. Mindy's not just our fearless leader; she's a walking, talking beacon of light and laughter with a story that might spark something beautiful in your own journey.

From Exploration to Inspiration:

Mindy's adventure didn't start in a faraway mystical land; it began right in her backyard (literally, she found her first crystal trapesing in the woods behind her childhood home. From that moment, a spark was lit. Through her own quest for happiness, self-love, and vibrancy, Mindy often revisited nature and her love of all things sparkly and later embraced the worlds of Crystal Healing, Reiki, and the art of uplifting others.

But here's the twist—Mindy's approach has always been about mixing deep, transformative knowledge with a hefty dose of fun. Yes, she can talk energy grids and healing modalities with the best of them, but she's also likely to crack a joke that'll have you laughing all the way to enlightenment. 

Crystal Happenings, Born from a Journey to Joy

Crystal Happenings isn't just a business; it embodies Mindy's personal transformation. It's a platform where she pours her diverse tastes, experiences, and, yes, even her light-hearted nature into curating a collection that offers something for everyone. Whether you're here for the deep, soulful resonance of crystals or just want to add a sparkle of joy to your day, Mindy's got you covered.

Because at the heart of it all, Mindy's mission is to share the transformative power of crystals in uplifting spirits, enhancing journeys of self-discovery, and spreading an infectious joy for life. And she does it all by being unapologetically herself—diverse, knowledgeable, and always lots of fun  

So, as we continue this journey together, remember that Crystal Happenings is more than just crystals and jewelry; it's a celebration of life's vibrancy, a tribute to the quest for self-love, and a testament to the joy that comes from genuinely expressing oneself. And Mindy? She's just getting started.

Ready to add a little more sparkle to your life? 

Here's to finding joy, embracing transformation, and laughing along the way,

With Love and Light,

The Crystal Happenings Family


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