The Vibrational Significance of The Heart Shape

The heart shape is universally associated with love and affection.

As a schoolgirl, I endlessly doodled hearts above my name, on my jeans, my books, and any other surface available as I dreamily imagined my future and current crush.

It became a symbol of comfort and hope before I knew about the healing power of shapes, colors, and vibrations.

The heart as a shape is commonly said to connect us to and radiate out the love vibration.

Often when connecting with our higher selves, we instinctively place our hands on our heart center,  symbolizing connection with our higher or spiritual selves.

The heart chakra is the center of our chakra system, bridging the lower physical chakras with the higher spiritual chakras, thus energetically uniting our physical and spiritual worlds.  

Energetically, Love is the highest vibration there is, bringing truth to the statement that love heals all wounds.  The love vibration, 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency, is believed to resonate at the core of everything and connects our being, our spiritual self, to The Divine. 

The heart shape radiates this love vibration, which is strongly associated with manifestation, healing, and happiness.  When we are in our love vibration, our own energy vibrates at a higher frequency, connecting us with a higher consciousness.  This energy connects us to all that is good, loving, joyful, compassionate, and healing.  We feel empowered, hopeful, and inspired when we are in our love vibration.

Crystals are powerful tools to help amplify positive vibrations of love and connection. Heart-shaped crystals carry this love vibration that can be used to increase the loving energy in our lives, allowing us to open our hearts and receive unconditional love from all around us. Crystals work as energetic transmitters - radiating out an increased level of vibration which promotes positive feelings such as joy, peace, and abundance throughout any environment they’re placed in. Whether we're looking for support within relationships or just wanting more self-love, crystals provide a tangible way for us to manifest these intentions into reality!

Leave a comment and tell us (or show us) which heart crystal is your personal favorite.  We'd LOVE to know 💕

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