The Healing Benefits of Septarian Crystal Stones

Septarian is a stone composed from volcanic ash, trapped in the ocean mud beds with decomposing sealife.  It is often referred to as "dragonstone" since it was formed during prehistoric times when the thermal vents sent sewer gases through sedimentary rocks.  When the ocean beds receded they revealed  mudballs "referred to as Septerian Nodules" which then dried up and cracked open, revealing chaber like modules

Septarian has natural veins of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, and gray limestone running through it, giving it a beautiful appearance.

Septarian can be found in the Utah, USA and Madagascar, S. Africa



SEPTARIAN, though its energy is soft, it brings an uplifting vibration to help us find joy & better enjoy life.

Its nurturing and grounding properties help us to balance our energy centers, and through meditation, it brings peace and harmony within all aspects of one's being.

It benefits communication and discernment, harmonizing emotions, and higher mind understanding.


DID YOU KNOW… Septarian can Glow???  Yes, due to the calcite and aragonite inclusions.


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