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Deluxe Set of Crystals for Clarity and Creativity

Deluxe Set of Crystals for Clarity and Creativity

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Unveil Your Vision and Spark Your Imagination

Step into a world where your thoughts are crystal clear and your creative spirit knows no bounds with our Clarity and Creativity Crystal Set. This set is a thoughtfully curated ensemble of stones, each with unique properties to enhance your mental clarity and amplify your creative endeavors.

This set includes

Clear Quartz Point: Known as the "Master Healer," this crystal point is your anchor for clarity. It is a powerful conduit for clean, focused energy, helping sharpen your thoughts and intentions.

Sodalite Tumble: A stone of logic, Sodalite, with its serene blue color, calms the mind and paves the way for new insights. It's ideal for brainstorming sessions or when you're in need of a mental breakthrough.

45mm Carnelian Heart: A vibrant touchstone to stir the passions of your heart, this Carnelian Heart fuels your creativity, granting the courage to bring your ideas to life with vitality and joy.

8mm Tiger Eye Bracelet: Wear this bracelet as a constant companion to ground your energy and inspire confidence. Tiger Eye merges the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun, bringing sharpness to your inner vision and a better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation.

Malachite Tumble: The transformative power of Malachite is essential for those moments of creative change. It's the stone of transformation, encouraging risk-taking and empowering you with the insight to turn creative ventures into action.

Each element of this set collaborates to create an aura of creativity and mental clarity. Carry them with you, place them in your workspace, or hold them during meditation to invite a flow of fresh ideas and perspective. With this set, prepare to open your mind to endless possibilities and to see your creative visions come to fruition.


Our set arrives in a tan linen drawstring bag to easily take these creative energies wherever you go. Additionally, each set includes descriptions of each stone and how it can help ground and protect you. 


Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of the Clarity and Creativity Crystal Set


• Clear Quartz Point: Acts as a powerful focal point for clarity, concentration, and the amplification of creative thoughts.
•. Sodalite Tumble: Encourages logical reasoning and emotional balance, paving the way for insightful and innovative thinking.
•. 45mm Carnelian Heart: Stimulates creative energies, passion, and motivation, enhancing the ability to actualize creative concepts.
•. Tiger Eye Bracelet: Provides grounding and protective energy, enhancing personal power and clear perception.
•. Malachite Tumble: Supports transformation, encourages risk-taking, and offers powerful insight for creative problem-solving.


•. Enhanced Mental Clarity: With Clear Quartz as your guide, experience increased focus that cuts through confusion, allowing for pristine thought processes.
•. Boost Creative Thinking: The energetic properties of this set work in concert to elevate your creative ideation and brainstorming abilities.
•. Emotional Equilibrium: Sodalite promotes a balanced mindset, essential for maintaining a clear headspace conducive to creative endeavors.
•. Confidence in Creativity: The Tiger Eye Bracelet's energy bolsters self-esteem and courage, key for sharing and implementing creative visions.
•. Overcoming Creative Blocks: The Carnelian Heart reignites creative passion, helping to overcome blocks and procrastination.
•. Transformative Ideas: Malachite’s transformative qualities encourage the evolution of ideas from mere thoughts into creative action and manifestation.
•. Versatile Use: Perfect for placement in creative workspaces, carrying during travel, or use in meditation to maintain a creative flow.
•. Thoughtful Gifting: An ideal present for artists, writers, thinkers, or anyone looking to expand their creative horizons and mental clarity.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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