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Amethyst Geode Heart with Stand

Amethyst Geode Heart with Stand

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Light Purple Amethyst Geode Heart with Custom Iron Stand

Discover the tranquil allure of our Light Purple Amethyst Geode Heart. This exquisite piece, weighing close to 3lbs and measuring 147 x 132 x 51mm, is a testament to nature's beauty. Adorned with sparkling amethyst points, some accented with red hematite inclusions, it stands 8.25 inches high on a custom-made iron stand, radiating grounding and protective energies.

Beyond its stunning amethyst crystals, this heart also showcases several layers of agate around its sides, contributing further to its soothing vibes. The combination of amethyst and agate layers makes it an exceptional tool for meditation and stress relief, promoting a calm mind and emotional balance.

Ideal for enhancing any space with its serene energy and captivating appearance, this Light Purple Amethyst Geode Heart is not just a piece of natural art. It's a powerful symbol of tranquility and spiritual awareness, perfect for anyone seeking to create a peaceful, harmonious environment.


Features & Benefits


- SIGNIFICANT SIZE AND WEIGHT: Measures 147 x 132 x 51mm and weighs close to 3lbs, ensuring a prominent display.

- SPARKLING AMETHYST POINTS: Adorned with light purple amethyst points, some with red hematite inclusions, adding depth and beauty.

- AGATE LAYERS: Features several layers of agate on the sides, enhancing its visual appeal and soothing vibes.

- CUSTOM IRON STAND: Includes a custom-made iron stand for an elegant and stable display.

- HAND-CARVED HEART SHAPE: Expertly carved into a heart shape, symbolizing love and emotional connection.

- UNIQUE DESIGN: This unique heart showcases natural color and crystal formation variations in a delicate cluster design.


- SOOTHING AND CALMING: Amethyst promotes relaxation and emotional well-being.

- STRESS RELIEF: Ideal for alleviating stress and anxiety, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

- SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Enhances spiritual awareness and deepens meditation practices.

- EMOTIONAL HEALING: The heart shape and agate layers aid in healing emotional wounds and balancing energy.

- LOVE AND CONNECTION: The heart shape amplifies the energy of love and fosters emotional connections.

- PROTECTION: Shields against negative energies and environmental stressors.

- GROUNDING ENERGY: Hematite inclusions offer grounding, enhancing stability and security

This Light Purple Amethyst Geode Heart is more than a stunning crystal piece; it's a symbol of love, tranquility, and spiritual awakening. Its hand-carved heart shape and natural elements make it a powerful tool for anyone seeking to enhance their environment with beauty, serenity, and a deep sense of connection.

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