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Large Hematoid Quartz Crystal Heart

Large Hematoid Quartz Crystal Heart

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Indulge in the exquisite beauty of the XL Hematoid Quartz Crystal Heart, a meticulously crafted piece that radiates positive energy throughout your home. Skillfully shaped and polished from natural Quartz with Hematite Inclusions, this heart-shaped treasure is a unique and captivating art.

This Crystal Heart offers more than just aesthetic appeal. Its high healing vibrations resonate deeply, infusing your space with a sense of grounding and protection. Experience the transformative properties of this gemstone as it promotes balance, clarity, and a harmonious energy flow.

Embrace the loving energy that emanates from the XL Hematoid Quartz Heart, allowing its presence to uplift your surroundings and nurture your well-being. Let it serve as a reminder of the power of positive energy and the potential for healing and growth in your life.


Features & Benefits


EXTRA-LARGE DIMENSIONS: This heart spans 118mm x 107mm x 40mm, making it a substantial and prominent piece.

SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT: Weighing in at 1.9 lbs, it offers a solid, tangible presence for both holding and display.

PREMIUM HEMATOID QUARTZ: Crafted from high-quality Hematoid Quartz, it showcases the stone's unique mix of quartz and hematite.

STRIKING COLORATION: The heart features an alluring combination of clear and reddish-brown hues, typical of Hematoid Quartz.

GLOSSY FINISH: Polished to perfection, the surface highlights the stone’s natural beauty and provides a smooth tactile experience.


EMOTIONAL STABILITY: Hematoid Quartz is known for balancing emotions and transforming negativity into positive energy.

MENTAL CLARITY: Promotes clear thinking and concentration, aiding in problem-solving and creativity.

GROUNDING INFLUENCE: Hematite inclusions offer grounding energy, enhancing feelings of stability and security.

ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Amplifies both energies and intentions, making it effective in manifestation and spiritual practices.

PROTECTION FROM NEGATIVITY: Acts as a shield against negative energies, creating a harmonious and safe environment.

ALLEVIATES STRESS: Its calming properties help reduce stress and anxiety, fostering tranquility.

CHAKRA ALIGNMENT: Particularly resonates with the root and sacral chakras, promoting physical vitality and emotional well-being.

This XL 118mm Hematoid Quartz Crystal Heart is more than just a visually stunning piece; it's a potent tool for emotional and spiritual healing, perfect for anyone seeking to infuse their life with balance, clarity, and a touch of natural elegance.

HEMATOID QUARTZ Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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