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Pink Stone Mala

Pink Stone Mala

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108 Hand Knotted Mala with Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz

Discover the harmony and beauty of our 108 Hand Knotted Mala, adorned with Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz beads and finished with a lovely 3-4 inch pink tassel. This exquisitely handcrafted Mala stretches between 39 to 41 inches, perfect for meditation or as a meaningful accessory.

Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love, radiates nurturing energy, promoting self-love and forgiveness and attracting positive relationships. Rhodochrosite, known for emotional healing, encourages joy and self-love, while enhancing mood and relieving stress.

This Mala promotes heart health and blood circulation and harmonizes the heart chakra, fostering emotional balance. A beautiful blend of style and healing, it's an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility, love, and wellness in their spiritual practice.



Features & Benefits


- LENGTH AND DESIGN: Measures between 39 to 41 inches, handcrafted with precision, featuring Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz beads, complete with a 3-4 inch pink tassel.

- ROSE QUARTZ BEADS: Soft pink beads known for their beauty and gentle energy.

- RHODOCHROSITE BEADS: Vibrant beads characterized by their striking patterns and rich color.

- DURABLE KNOTTING: Each bead is carefully hand knotted, ensuring strength and longevity.


- EMOTIONAL HEALING: Rose Quartz aids in dispelling negative emotions, while Rhodochrosite assists in overcoming depression.

- PHYSICAL HEALTH: Enhances heart health, blood circulation, and supports bone and dental wellness.

- MEDITATIVE ENHANCEMENT: Offers a serene and balanced energy for meditation.

- ATTRACTING POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Helps draw loving and compassionate connections.

- STRESS RELIEF: The soothing effects of Rose Quartz reduce stress and anxiety.

- SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Encourages deeper self-awareness and spiritual understanding.

- CHAKRA ALIGNMENT: Aids in balancing and harmonizing the heart chakra for emotional stability.

The 108 Hand Knotted Mala with Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a powerful tool for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, making it an ideal companion for those on a journey of self-discovery and connection..

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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