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Deluxe Set of Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

Deluxe Set of Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

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Manifest Prosperity and Abundance with Garnierite, Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, and Clear Quartz

This Abundance and Manifesting Crystal Set is specifically curated to boost your journey towards financial prosperity. Each crystal is chosen for its unique ability to attract and accumulate wealth, making this set an essential companion for anyone seeking to turn their financial dreams into reality. Whether it's for enhancing personal wealth, kickstarting a new business venture, or inviting overall abundance into your life, these crystals are your steadfast allies on the path to financial success.

Garnierite: The Acquisition Stone
Garnierite, known as an abundance stone, is famed for its wealth-attracting properties. With its soothing green hues, Garnierite embodies the essence of growth and prosperity. It is believed to not only attract abundance but also to help in the accumulation of wealth, making it a powerful ally in financial endeavors.

Citrine Point: The Beacon of Prosperity
With its sunlit radiance, Citrine acts as a beacon on your path to financial abundance. Revered as the 'merchant's stone,' it specializes in attracting wealth and success. The Citrine point directs its abundant energy towards achieving your financial goals, ensuring steady prosperity.

Pyrite Tumble: The Fortune's Gleam
Pyrite, resembling gold with its metallic sheen, serves as your symbol of fortune. Known as 'Fool's Gold,' its significance in wealth manifestation is anything but foolish. It promotes an abundance mindset, helping you to recognize and grasp opportunities for financial success.

Green Aventurine Smiley Face: The Luck Enhancer
Green Aventurine, the stone of opportunity, is akin to a lucky charm for attracting fortune. This smooth stone is celebrated for enhancing luck and amplifying your financial opportunities. It supports the release of old patterns, paving the way for new and prosperous avenues of wealth.

Clear Quartz Tumble: The Manifestation Magnifier
Clear Quartz, the crystal of ultimate clarity, amplifies the energies of other stones and your intentions. This crystal focuses your mind on financial goals, enhancing your manifesting abilities. Its clear, potent energy intensifies the manifesting power of the set, making it a vital tool for attracting abundance.


Our set arrives in a tan linen drawstring bag to easily take these manifesting energies wherever you go. Additionally, each set includes descriptions of each stone and how it can help ground and protect you. 


Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of the Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Set


- Garnierite - The Acquisition Stone: A key player in attracting and accumulating wealth, fostering financial growth and prosperity.
- Citrine Point for Direct Prosperity: Channels sunny energy to enhance financial success and abundance.
- Pyrite Tumble for Wealth Manifestation: Symbolizes wealth and prosperity, encouraging an abundance mindset and recognition of financial opportunities.
- Green Aventurine for Luck in Finances: Known as the stone of opportunity, it enhances luck in financial endeavors and creates favorable conditions for wealth growth.
- Clear Quartz for Amplifying Intentions: Magnifies the energies of other stones and personal intentions, enhancing manifesting abilities.
- Portable and Aesthetically Pleasing Design: Comes in an easy-to-carry light blue linen bag, combining functionality with elegance.
- Educational Stone Descriptions Included: Deepens understanding and connection to each stone's abundance-enhancing properties.


- Enhanced Financial Prosperity: Synergizes to attract and maintain wealth, aiding in financial prosperity and security.
- Emotional and Mental Support in Wealth Pursuits: Supports a positive and focused mindset, crucial for successful wealth manifestation.
- Increased Opportunities for Wealth Accumulation: Opens doors to new financial possibilities and ventures.
- Stress Relief in Financial Matters: Alleviates stress related to money and finances, promoting calm and clarity.
- Daily Reminder of Financial Goals: Serves as a continuous reminder of financial aspirations, keeping focused on goals.
- Encourages Personal Growth and Confidence: Fosters personal growth, confidence, and a mindset geared towards prosperity.
- Ideal Gift for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Wealth Builders: A thoughtful and empowering gift for those on a journey of financial growth and abundance.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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