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Deluxe Set of Crystals for The New Moon & New Beginnings

Deluxe Set of Crystals for The New Moon & New Beginnings

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Spark the Promise of Potential with Our Lunar-Inspired Crystals

Our New Moon/New Beginnings Crystal Set is an ensemble of hand-picked stones that resonate with the spirit of the new moon. Each crystal contributes its unique energy to support your transition into new phases of life. Whether it's a fresh start in a personal endeavor, a new creative project, or the beginning of a life-changing journey, these stones are curated to enhance and celebrate your new beginnings. Carry them with you, meditate with them, or place them in your sacred space as symbols of the potential that awaits.

Small Moonstone Wand: The Intention Setter
Embrace the new with a Moonstone wand, a beacon of intuition and possibility. This small yet potent talisman is your companion in setting intentions and embracing the ebb and flow of life's cycles, much like the moon.

3-inch Selenite Moon: The Energy Purifier
The Selenite moon, a symbol of serenity and purity, radiates cleansing energy. It’s perfect for sweeping away the old, aligning your space with the freshness of new beginnings, and illuminating your intentions with its gentle glow.

Medium Flashy Labradorite Slab: The Inspiration Spark
Labradorite, with its dance of aurora-like colors, captures the essence of discovery and curiosity. This flashy slab is a slice of the night sky, holding the energy of the stars and the excitement of the unknown.

Apophyllite Point: The Clarity Givers
Apophyllite points, crystalline and pure, are your guides to clarity. They invite lightness and high vibrations into your journey, opening channels of communication with your higher self and aiding in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

Rainbow Fluorite Wire-Wrapped Rhombus Pendant:  The Mental Harmonizer
Known for its captivating spectrum of colors, Rainbow Fluorite is deeply connected with mental order and harmony. The unique rhombus shape of this pendant isn't just for style – it resonates with the sacred geometry, symbolizing balance, stability, and the connection between the physical and spiritual planes.


Each set will be similar in size and color and comes in a tan linen bag for the effortless portability of your crystal set, ensuring you can take your crystals wherever you go. Additionally, each set includes brief individual descriptions of each stone, enhancing your understanding and connection with them.


Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of the New Moon/New Beginnings Crystal Set


Small Moonstone Wand: Enhances intuition and supports setting new intentions, aligning with the moon's energy of change.

Small Selenite Moon: Offers purifying and cleansing energy, ideal for refreshing spaces and mindsets for new beginnings.

Small Flashy Labradorite Slab: Sparks creativity and inspiration, reflecting the transformative energy of the stars.

Apophyllite Points: Provide mental clarity and spiritual insight, aiding in the pursuit of truth and higher understanding.

Rainbow Fluorite Tumble: Promotes mental harmony and clear thinking, assisting in decision-making for new ventures.


Fosters Personal Growth: Each crystal helps to navigate and embrace life's changes and new phases.

Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing: Ideal for releasing past patterns and embracing fresh starts.
Enhances Intuition and Creativity: Supports creative thinking and intuition for innovative ideas and projects.

Promotes Clarity and Insight: Aids in achieving clarity of mind and spiritual enlightenment.
Supports New Beginnings: Perfect for anyone embarking on new endeavors, be it personal or professional.

Balances Mind and Spirit: Helps in maintaining mental balance and spiritual alignment during times of change.

Versatile and Portable: Can be used in various settings, carried for personal energy, or placed in sacred spaces.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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