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Small Raw Blue Kyanite with Garnet

Small Raw Blue Kyanite with Garnet

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We are introducing our Raw Blue Kyanite with Garnet and Mica – a unique and potent combination of minerals that brings together the tranquility of blue kyanite, the warmth of garnet, and the shimmer of Mica in one stunning piece.

Harmony and Balance with a Sparkle: This exquisite crystal blend is a symphony of elements. Blue Kyanite, known for its soothing blue tones, is the centerpiece of this ensemble. It's revered for its ability to bring harmony and balance to the mind and body, making it an ideal choice for meditation and stress relief. Mica not only adds a captivating sparkle to this piece but also contributes to its overall energy, which is believed to enhance flexibility in thoughts and actions.

Love Vibrations Amplified by Garnet: Nestled within this tranquil blue is the warm, deep red of Garnet. This gemstone is more than just a stunning visual contrast; it amplifies the love vibration within this crystal combination. Garnet is celebrated for inspiring love and devotion, uplifting spirits, and bringing courage and hope. It's particularly potent in manifesting positive changes in matters of the heart.

A Fusion of Energies for Well-being: This Raw Blue Kyanite with Garnet and Mica is more than just a crystal; it's a fusion of energies. The calming, balancing effect of Blue Kyanite pairs beautifully with the passionate and refreshing energy of Garnet. At the same time, Mica adds its light-catching sparkle, reminding us of the joy in everyday moments. This combination is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their emotional well-being, deepen their meditation practice, or add a touch of natural beauty to their space.

Embrace the soothing yet vibrant energies of this unique crystal blend. Whether as a part of your crystal collection, a tool for personal growth, or a thoughtful gift, the Raw Blue Kyanite with Garnet and Mica is sure to be a cherished and powerful addition to any setting.

Features & Benefits


-COLOR AND TEXTURE: This striking crystal features the deep, serene blues of Blue Kyanite, seamlessly integrated with the rich, warm reds of Garnet. The Blue Kyanite presents in elongated, columnar formations, often with a silky or pearly luster, which is amplified with Mica inclusions

-SIZE AND SHAPE: These crystals come in various sizes, typically forming in natural, raw shapes. Each piece is unique, with its distinct patterns where the Blue Kyanite and Garnet intersect and intermingle.

-COMPLEMENTARY COMPOSITION: The presence of Mica in the mix adds a subtle shimmer and sparkle, creating a dazzling effect as light dances across the crystal's surface.

- WEIGHT AND DENSITY: The combination of these minerals results in a crystal that feels substantial and grounding, with a weight and density that speaks to its deep connection to the earth.


- EMOTIONAL BALANCE AND CALMNESS: Blue Kyanite is highly regarded for bringing emotional balance and calmness. It's believed to aid in dispelling confusion and anxiety, promoting a sense of peace and serenity.

- ENHANCED COMMUNICATION AND INTUITION: Known for aligning all the chakras, Blue Kyanite particularly resonates with the throat chakra, enhancing communication and self-expression. It's also linked to the third eye chakra, potentially heightening intuition and psychic abilities.

- LOVE AND PASSION: Garnet, often associated with the heart chakra, is believed to stimulate feelings of love and passion. It brings warmth, devotion, and understanding to relationships.

- GROUNDING AND ENERGIZING: While Garnet provides a grounding influence, it also revitalizes, bringing energy and vitality, making it ideal for those looking to balance power and passion in their pursuits.

- SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND HEALING: Together, these crystals create a synergy that supports spiritual growth and emotional healing. This combination fosters a balance between spiritual exploration and emotional security, making it an excellent tool for personal development.

Metaphysical Disclaimer

Metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of medical professionals, not everyone experiences the same energy or results.

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