Rose Quartz Arrow Earrings
Rose Quartz Arrow Earrings

Rose Quartz Arrow Earrings

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Delicate Arrow Shaped Rose Quartz Dangles from 24k Gold Plated Wire.  

The stone measures 1/2 inch and the earring hangs down 2 inches.

Rose Quartz

  • Rose quartz is a stone of self-love and nurturing.
  • It is known to heal the heart by opening the emotional blockages that weigh it down.
  • Use rose quartz during meditation to remove tension and toxic emotions, while promoting compassion and forgiveness. 
  • This stone has properties that will aid in healing deep within.
  • Use this stone to increase your love vibration and manifest new relationships

      **please ask for specifications or more photos prior to purchasing - we are happy to help you choose the right piece for you.

      This order will include a small card with a few of the healing benefits of this crystal