Collection: Charoite




Charoite is rare because it is only found in one place on earth - in a small Region of Siberia in Russia. 

CHAROITE is a very high-vibrational & protective stone with many healing properties.  

Traditionally known as A Stone of Transformation, it is most uniquely known as a highly spiritual stone that creates a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart Chakras, bringing high, spiritual energy into union with unconditional love.

It can cleanse your higher chakras – removing blockages from the heart,  third eye, and crown chakras.  By cleansing the aura and opening our upper chakras, we are open to receiving the Violet Ray of Light - Providing healing for ourselves and others.  It is a wonderful stone for Healers to regenerate and refresh their energy.  

It helps release fears, provides courage, and can transmute energy for our benefit.